Since the XVII century, Madeira has been recognised as one of the greatest wines in the entire world. It owes its unique qualities to the passionate work of a succession of generations as well as to its terroirs.

It’s a remarkable wine that comes from a combination of characteristics that are only rarely found: finesse, elegance, complexity, density, intensity, length and freshness.

Our wines have a particular style; rich, complex and long, with the fine acidity that is characteristic of all Madeira wines.

Meticulous attention to every facet of our unique winemaking and maturation process and the unparalleled richness of our terroirs and vineyards is the key to our unique and legendary style. Access to the finest and most wide-ranging selection of fruit in the region enables us to create wines of quality, precision and uniqueness, wines that truly express the diversity of Madeira.

Hand harvested, and produced according to the traditions, they’re crafted from the traditional grape varieties used in Madeira, grown in the volcanic, sub-tropical Portuguese Island, and the result of the expertise and knowledge accumulated by the family over two centuries.

From the day they are fortified to the day they are bottled, when the ideal maturation stage has been achieved, the wines are under the constant supervision of the Blandy’s Winemaker and his team of coopers.

There are two distinctive categories of Madeira Wine: Blends and Single Harvest Dated Wines:

Blended Wines
Blended wines have an average age of the blend which is made from wine of various harvests. The allowed categories are 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and over 40 years.

Dated wines
The Madeira dated wines are of distinctive quality, produced from a single year and single grape variety.
These wines are identified at harvest time, based on the exceptional potential quality of the fruit, and placed into the company’s vintage specific ageing program, in seasoned American oak casks, which are placed in the warehouses of the Blandy’s Wine Lodges, which are located in the heart of Funchal. The Lodges, once part of a 17th century Franciscan Monastery, are a key part of the process, with thick volcanic stone walls and wooden floors, and close to the ocean, they provide a unique micro climate within which our premium wines are aged.

There 2 categories, “Colheita” and “Vintages”.
Colheita wine matures in cask between 5 to 18 years, due to its qualities gives a hint of the characteristic and complexity of a young Vintage.
Vintage wine ages for a minimum of 20 years in cask before bottling.