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Drinking Madeira Wine

Drinking Madeira Wine

Younger Madeiras along with the 5, 10 and 15 years of age wines are all bottled when ready for drinking and will not improve by further ageing although they will remain in perfect condition for considerable periods if left unopened. Once opened these wines will stay fresh for up to six months. Decanting is not necessary.

The Perfect Glass

Height: 162 mm 6 3/8 in.
Capacity: 260 ccm 8 3/4oz.

“Materialists will assert that the glass from which wine is drunk cannot change its taste, but to my mind, the aesthetic pleasures of wine savouring are not only derived from the sensations of eyes, nose, and palate, but the shape, feel and quality of the glass from which it is sipped are all important. An elegant, well-balanced glass will give more pleasure in the hand than a thick heavy one. The beauty of colour can be appreciated better from a colourless glass. A large, tall, thin glass, half filled so that the bouquet can be released, is ideal for drinking Madeira.”

Noel Cossart

Wine Pairing

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