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Best of the Year Award 2022 – Fortified Wine Producer of the Year

Prémio melhores do ano2022 – Produtor de vinhos fortificados do ano

John Blandy arrived in Madeira in 1808 and three years later founded Blandy’s with his brothers brothers Thomas and George. He shipped and marketed wine and also had the foresight to acquire small properties. small properties. The current Blandy’s Wine Lodge, located in a beautiful building in the center in the center of Funchal, is the result of an acquisition made in 1824. However, it was already in 1925 that Blandy’s Blandy’s joined the Madeira Wine Association, now the Madeira Wine Company (MWC), which also integrates brands such as Cossart Gordon, Leacock’s and Miles. The company’s history has known many happy chapters, but it has also shaken.
When this happened, in 1989 a partnership and gentleman’s agreement was established with the Symington family, which continues to generate various synergies. Today, the operation runs smoothly and Blandy’s has established itself as the most recognizable brand in the MWC sphere and, at the same time, one of the most prominent in the MWC and, at the same time, one of the most prominent in the always very particular Madeira Wine scenario.
Francisco Albuquerque, winemaker and master blender, has been instrumental in ensuring the consistency consistency of Blandy’s Madeira wines. Masterful blending and stock management of old wines are roles he knows are roles he knows how to perform like few others, which greatly facilitates the rest of the facilitates the rest of the marketing work. If the Cossart Gordon are more tense wines and privilege acidity, if the Miles the Miles show a profile of greater ease and attraction to new audiences, Blandy’s wines are distinguished balance between acidity and sugar, favoring the elegance of all components and knowing how to balance the and know how to balance the additions generated by long aging periods in the special editions.
Added to all this is a certain pioneering spirit. In 2000, it launched the first Madeira Colheita Madeira Colheita, Blandy’s Malmsey Harvest 1994. The launching of very limited editions, in some cases even rare rare editions, has in fact contributed to a higher positioning of all Madeira wine, with the Madeira wine, with the consequent price appreciation. Blandy’s has been able to do it, adding value to the fortified to the fortified wine, just as happens with the work promoted by other operators. Aware of the heritage of wines it owns, in the second half of each year has also been the protagonist of new launchings in the market, the most recent of which deserve high appreciations. We are talking about Single Harvest Blandy’s Sercial 2009, Blandy’s Verdelho 2009, Blandy’s Bual 2008 and Blandy’s Malmsey 2007 Malmsey 2007 and of Frasqueira Blandy’s Terrantez 1978 and Blandy’s Bual 1972.
In wine tourism, Blandy’s has also made a significant contribution to the Madeira wine industry.
Madeira wine industry. The Wine Lodge, where more than 650 barrels are stored and aged, is a must for visitors to Funchal. for those visiting Funchal. The guided tours are a success, the tasting rooms are constantly The guided tours are a success, the tasting rooms are constantly busy, the wine bar and the restaurant are very cool. The museum preserves real
treasures, such as letters from Winston Churchill, coins from Blandy’s bank and the oldest wooden press wooden press on the island, dating from the 17th century. There are also murals by the renowned German artist German artist Max Römer. The Vintage Room houses the most exciting Frasqueira, including the including the superb Blandy’s Bual 1920. Newer, the four vacation apartments located above the Lodge combine good taste above the Lodge combine good taste and comfort with a unique view over the municipal garden of the
the capital of Madeira. Michael Blandy, chairman since 2001, Chris Blandy, the CEO since 2011, members of the sixth and and seventh generations, are knowing how to strengthen Blandy’s for the future. And to their track record they can add this award, Blandy’s as “Fortified Wine Producer of the Year 2022”.

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