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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Blandy’s Madeira is fined and does not require decanting, although this is always a good idea for old vintages. Use a good cork screw, or if the cork seems fragile use a ‘butlers thief’ to ease the cork out of the bottle. Wine should be served between 16 and 18ºC, depending on the age and style of the wine.

Madeira is known for its ageing capability and the longer the wines have been aged, the longer they will keep. The wine should be kept in proper ageing conditions – away from sun, heat and humidity. Madeira Wine bottles should be kept in an upright position, as the acidity of the wine tends to dry the cork if in contact with it for a long time, leading to potential leaking..

Madeira Wine is quite unique in a significant number of things, being the ageing process one of them. Whereas most wines age in bottle, madeira ages in the cask, in contact with oxygen. Therefore, once the wine is bottled, it does not age any further. The age of the wine is the one shown on the label.

The value of a bottle of Madeira Wine depends on a variety of factors such as the grape varietal, the style, whether it is a blend or a vintage wine. Rare bottles can have special value to collectors. We do not evaluate bottles and suggest contacting companies specialized in this area.

None of our wines are suitable for vegans

Yes. Our wines are distributed in various countries throughout the world. Please consult the Wine Importers section in order to find our distributor in your country.