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About HWC

Heritage Wine Collection

The intention of our Heritage Wine Collection is to give a window onto the life of the past generations who shaped Blandy’s during their tenure. For every wine we launch within our Collection, we will lift the lid on life in Madeira during the year of that harvest, and dive deep into the life of the member of the Blandy family leading the company at that time. As we were then, so we are now: conscious of our responsibility to enhance the company for the next generations to come. John Ernest Blandy, who led the company in 1920, is the first family member to be associated with the Heritage Wine Collection.

Chris Blandy 16 de Março de 2020 / 16th March 2020

John Ernest Blandy

John Ernest was born in 1866 in Durban, South Africa, returning to London aged four with his parents, John Burden and Margarette, brother Percy and sister Emily. After leaving school John Ernest spent some time in France, becoming friendly with the Henriot family, who owned the famous champagne house of that name in Rheims. When Alexandre Henriot enlisted in the French army, John Ernest would accompany him on manoeuvres. This friendship was later to lead to the founding of Blandy Frères in Rheims, at 40, Rue de l’Université, with Madame Louisa Henriot as agent for Blandy wines in France. Strenuous and partly successful attempts were made to promote Madeira as a fashionable drink…………