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  • Blandys Malmsey 1988 news

Funchal, Madeira - Portugal, 24 de Abril de 2014 – Blandy’s, synonymous with superior Madeira wines, announces the release of its 1988 Vintage Malmsey. Today at the Big Fortified Tasting, in London, Blandy’s will showcase its latest exclusive vintage Madeira. Malmsey 1988 is the first vintage release since 2009. Only 1,589 bottles have been produced.
The 1988 Malmsey aged in American oak casks for a total of 25 years and started its ageing program in the Sotão de Amendoa (the Almond Attic, on the 4th floor) in Blandy’s lodges in the centre of Funchal, where it remained until 1991. It was then placed on the 2nd floor for 2 years before spending the remaining 20 years on the 1st floor of the lodges. Maturation followed the traditional “canteiro” system, which the Blandy family has practiced for more than 200 years. It is used for only the highest quality Madeiras in which the wine is heated naturally by the sun in the south-facing lofts of the Blandy’s Wine Lodge where temperatures can soar as high as 43oC.
This wine is made from the Malmsey (Malvasia) grape on the island of Madeira, where the Blandy family has long-standing relationships with more than 26 growers. Malmsey, the richest and best known of the four noble grapes of Madeira, is thought to be the original grape grown on the island. The grape has high levels of sugar and acidity, a perfect balance for this style of Madeira. Under European Union Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) regulations, the minimum a vintage Madeira wine must be aged for is 20 years.
Seventh generation Chris Blandy, CEO of Blandy’s Madeira, is very excited about announcing the release of the 1988 Malmsey. “When our Winemaker Francisco Albuquerque presented this wine to our family in the beginning of 2013 we recognized its potential. Our 1988 vintage report indicated that this vintage is regarded as one of the best quality Madeira vintages of the decade. We held the wine back after bottling for a year to round out the prominent acidity. Nearly one year later and the wine has developed in bottle to produce a wine which we believe could become one of the great Madeira Malmseys.”

27 -May -May -2013

Blandy’s Award Winning Madeira

Blandy’s have risen to the challenge at the 2013 International Wine Challenge (IWC), the International Wine and Spirit Competition and the Decanter World Wine awards, winning a total of 18 medals (4 Gold, 12 Silver and 2 Bronze) for their world-class Madeira.   

Blandy’s 10 year olds were awarded IWC Gold Medals, including 10 Year Old Malmsey and 10 Year Old Verdelho.   10 Year Old Bual and 10 Year Old Sercial were both awarded DWWA and IWSC Silver medals, with Bual being classed as ‘Outstanding’.

20 year old Terrantez, was also awarded an IWSC Gold Outstanding medal and DWWA Silver.  The wine was bottled to celebrate the bi-centenary of Blandys and has limited production.  Today the source of Terrantez comes mainly from the Quinta de Santa Luzia, the property originally acquired by John Blandy when he first established the company in 1811.

Silver medals were awarded to Duke of Clarence in the DWWA and also by the IWC.  Duke of Clarence is the most well-known Madeira in the UK.  A three year old blend created as homage to the Duke of Clarence who was condemned to death and chose to drown in a barrel of Madeira.

The awards are a source of great pride to the Blandy’s family and company, whilst providing a massive incentive to the work done in the last decade, and are a significant accolade to encourage the promotion of Madeira Wines in general, demonstrating once more that the wines from the Island of Madeira are amongst some of the greatest in the world.

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For over 200 years, Blandy's Madeira has always been synonymous with quality Madeira wines. Founded by John Blandy in 1811, Blandy's Madeira has always been a family run business currently present in over 60 countries. The Blandy family is last of original families connected to the Madeira wine trade who still own and manage the family business which they started, making them unique in the context of the Madeira wine trade. The Blandys have continuously contributed in the development and promotion of Madeira Wine sales, having made an unquestionable contribution to the socio-economic progress and cultural development of the island of Madeira, where they continue to live since 1811.

Madeira Wine represents a turnover of 15M Euros, with approximately 300,000 9-liter cases (12 bottles). The largest export markets are France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, and in the domestic market with sales made on the island itself.

More information at www.blandys.com.




11 -October -Oct -2012

Harvest Report 2012

The 2012 Madeira vintage has been described as excellent by winemakers and perhaps with the exception of 2008, it has been the largest for over 10 years.
Speaking to the guys at the winery, they can’t remember such a high quantity of quality grapes being delivered to the winery as the favourable weather conditions throughout the year meant that humidity had almost no impact on the grapes.
If I could, I would declare 2012 a VINTAGE year.
The majority of those that pruned late in February/March benefited more than those who pruned in late January/February due to the following rainfall and warm temperatures that allowed the bud break to shoot well.
Flowering and fruit set happened as usual in late March and late April with many of the farmers deciding to water their plants at this stage to minimize water stress as a result of the lack of rainfall.
The constant warm weather, low humidity and lack of rain throughout the summer months meant that by August, we had a clear indication of the fact that not only would the harvest start early, but that it would also surpass the quantities that many had forecasted that summer. 
The Madeira Wine Company’s harvest began quietly on the 17th of August with 534 kilos of Verdelho and Terrantez from my cousin Andrew’s Quinta Santa Luzia in Funchal. The winery only then went into full working mode as of the 27th of August and worked solidly until the 21st of September. Our harvest officially ended on the 4th of October with the traditionally late arrival of Sercial from Jardim da Serra, high up (800 metres) in the mountains above Camara de Lobos.
The quality of the grapes was outstanding, especially the Tinta Negra from the Estreito de Camara de Lobos, Sercial from Jardim da Serra, Bual from Calheta and Verdelho from Raposeira. 
The weather during picking was almost text book, being interrupted only a few times as a result of rain – once on the north on the 16th of September, on the south, starting on the 25th of September which lasted a few days and finally again on the south on the 1st of October.
We managed to secure almost all of the varietals we needed, with the exception of Malmsey and Terrantez. The Terrantez this year was particularly disappointing, not only for us, but for the whole sector as only 500 Kgs were harvested. More must be done by the Institute and all to secure the future of these traditional noble varieties.

Chris Blandy
CEO Madeira Wine Company, SA

8 -October -Oct -2012

The Wine Detective: Extreme wine, extreme interview

Sarah Ahmed interview Chris Blandy of The Madeira Wine Company on video while wicker toboganning down the (steep) streets of the island’s capital, Funchal.
See the interview here

27 -June -Jun -2012

Tasting History With Blandy's

  • Blandy's Verdelho 1995

Featuring Blandy's Verdelho 1995.
Chris Blandy (Madeira Wine Co. CEO) & Kim Marcus (Managing Editor of the Wine Spectator Magazine).
See the interview here.

28 -May -May -2012

A record number of Gold Medals for Blandy’s Madeira


 Hot on the heels of its 2011 bicentenary, Blandy’s has struck Gold at the 2012 International Wine Challenge and the Decanter World Wine awards, winning a total of eleven Gold medals (including one trophy for best in class) and 10 Silver medals for their world-class Madeira.  
 Bringing home the bullion at the IWC were Blandy’s Verdelho 1977, Verdelho 1984, Bual 1980, the Colheita Sercial 1995, Colheita Verdelho 1995 and the 10 Year Old Verdelho NV. Silver medals went to Colheita Bual 1996 and Colheita Malmsey 1996. 
 At the Decanter World Wine Awards, Gold medal winners were Blandy's Bual 1968, Terrantez 1976, Colheita Sercial 1995, Colheita Bual 1996 and the Colheita Malmsey 1996 (Trophy winner). Silver medals went to Blandy's Verdelho 1977, the Colheita Verdelho 1995, 10 year old Bual, 10 year old Sercial, 10 year old Verdelho and 20 year old Terrantez.
 The accolades obtained in these international contests make this a record year for Blandy's Madeira and mark an outstanding achievement in the year the company passed back into family ownership.
 The awards are a source of great pride to the Blandy’s family and company, providing a huge incentive for the work done in the last decade, demonstrating once more that the wines from the island are amongst some of the greatest in the world.
 The award winning wines have the signature of Francisco Albuquerque, Blandy's Madeira winemaker, recognized by the International Wine Challenge three years running, with the Fortified Winemaker of the Year Trophy.
Blandy’s award-winning Madeira – worth its weight in Gold.
12 -January -Jan -2011

Blandy’s wins trophy in all 3 Major International Wine Competitions

  • 3 Major International Wine Competitions

FORTIFIED WINE TROPHY: International Wine & Spirit
Competition 2010 (Vintage Malmsey 1985)

MADEIRA TROPHY: International Wine Challenge 2010
(Vintage Malmsey 1985)

…a citrussy background and a sweet, nutty core, in perfect
balance. Wonderfully composed, complex and precise. A gem.

International Wine & Spirit Competition

…Very rich aromas - complex, exotic. Palate - orange peel and
lime. Beautiful bitter, long finish.

International Wine Challenge

MADEIRA TROPHY: Decanter World Wine Awards 2010
(Vintage Bual 1968)

…amber hue, rich and nutty nose with an almost floral note, terrific
energy and spicy fruit. On the palate, very evolved, excellent sweet
richness, lifted caramel and christmas pudding with a bracing finish.

Decanter Awards

12 -January -Jan -2011

For two consecutive years the Madeira Wine Company is Portuguese Wine Producer of the Year

  • For two consecutive years the Madeira Wine Company is Portuguese Wine Producer of the Year

Madeira Wine Company, world renowned for its Blandy’s Madeiras, has been awarded – for the second year running - the “Portuguese Wine Producer of the Year 2010” by the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC).
The longest running wine competition in the world, the prestigious IWSC, only presents this award to companies and individuals that through their achievements make an outstanding contribution to their field and, as such, it is a highly regarded accolade.
In addition to the „Producer Of The Year?, Blandy’s 1985 Vintage Malmsey won the IWSC World Trophy for Fortified Wine. This builds on Blandy?s impressive track record over recent years during which several of its wines have invariably gained the top prizes.

12 -January -Jan -2011


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